Ancient Elven Bow

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Fire.pngRanged.png Ancient Elven Bow
Unlocks [[ | / ]]
Obtain via Gacha
Cost: 13 S- Lvl 1 (70) SS- Lvl 1 (80)
Attack 228 (711) 237 (869)
Magic Attack 252 (873) 280 (1070)
Defense 109 (385) 148 (464)
Magic Defense 126 (471) 176 (571)
Total Stats 715 (2440) 841 (2974)

StorySkill.jpg Light of Demonic Ruin (III)
16SP. Deal great magical damage to 1 enemy.
ColSkill.jpg Light of Demonic Ruin (III)
16SP. Deal great magical damage to 1 enemy.
ColSkill2.jpg Magic ATK Interference (I)
Fixed chance to slightly reduce enemy's magical ATK while attacking.

Weapon Story
In a certain place, there lived an elven man who loved talking very much.
However, because he was prone to exaggerating, there was no one who would listen to him.

One day, the man met a human woman who enjoyed listening to him, no matter how much he talked. The human would sometimes make remarks at odd intervals, but he paid it no mind.

The two were wed, and the elf soon make a realization.
The reason why his wife was always willing to humour his pointless banter was because she was deaf. A hundred years passed, yet she continued to listen to him as always.

The elf knew. His wife had long since passed away.
Yet he still continued to talk to her. He would lose his mind if he stopped. His wife withered away as more time passed ― with no one left to talk to, the man went mad and followed after her.
Translation by Warusou


Card Image 0029.png
Card Image 0030.png