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Rolling[edit | edit source]

On your first step in the world of SinoAlice you will see a giant Library, but how can we travel this without being lost? Follow the guide!

First thing : two puppets will be here just for you. After a long explanation, you will see a button for a (free) 10x roll. Grab the rope to make your first 10x roll. This tutorial gacha features the same weapons that can be found in the Release Memorial Gacha.)


You can grab some weapons for your adventure (SS included !) Note : The Silver books mean S or SS. So grab them !

-->If you are not satisfied with the outcome and wish to reroll, please refer to the How to Reroll.
-->More information on the Gacha

Starter Character[edit | edit source]

After downloading some additional data, you will be faced with your first choice: Your first character! It doesn't matter very much which you pick since all of them can be unlocked by doing the first Story Quest of their questline.

Character Selection.png
Alice Snow White Red Riding Hood Pinocchio

After making your selection, you will be redirected to the game's home page. More translated screens can be found at Menu Translations.

Main Page.jpg

Combat[edit | edit source]

Combat Screen.jpg

Missions[edit | edit source]

Your first priority would be to complete the daily missions, which reset at midnight Japan Time every day, then the event missions, if there are any

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Equip Edit Menu Translation.png

Since you have some weapons from rolling, it's time to equip them.

Remember to equip both your main grid and your sub grid (Sub. Equip on the screenshot) of weapons using the recommend equipment button.

--> The Equipment Guide has more information on equipment.

Questing[edit | edit source]

The first chapter of story quests unlocks Character Jobs
When you first start, you will have access to Story Quests by tapping on モノガタリ, then ストーリー (Story). Advancing in story quests with the character icons will unlock Character Jobs, and other quest modes.

Of note are the following milestones:

  • Completing any Chapter 1, Part 5: Event Quests are unlocked, allows you to do the half-hour time-limited equipment-strengthening quests.
  • Completing any Chapter 1, Part 10: Co-Op Quests are unlocked, allows you to complete one of the dailies, as well as obtain a maximum of three friend medals a day.
  • Completing any Chapter 2, Part 10: Guilds are unlocked (can make or join one), allows you to participate in the Colosseum.

--> Tips for Story Quests here.

Restoring AP[edit | edit source]

AP is used whenever you participate in quests. You can restore your AP using the Cleaning_Room an unlimited number of times until you reach Rank 50. Use this whenever you wish to continue playing. In addition, AP is also restored at a rate of 1 AP every 3 minutes.

AP is also fully restored on rank level up and can also be restored by spending 10 gems.

Of note is the maximum AP you can hold is double your current AP limit (e.g 60/30).

Elemental Advantage[edit | edit source]

Element Advantage.png
Enemies and weapons have attributes, and it is possible to deal more damage by attacking enemies with weapons of the element they are weak to. In addition to strengthening weapons and jobs, you can deal more damage by building a grid based on the attributes of the enemies you will be fighting. The elements are Fire, Water, and Wind.
  • Fire has reduced effectiveness against Water, but higher effectiveness against Wind.
  • Water has reduced effectiveness against Wind, but higher effectiveness against Fire.
  • Wind has reduced effectiveness against Fire, but higher effectiveness against Water.

Following people[edit | edit source]

By following (friending) people (tapping on the icon of the CPU at the afterresults screen or your guild members list when you are in a guild) you are able to force use only them as your CPU allies in battle over randoms which are sometimes matched less to your own total stat, which can prove advantageous. Once you've followed someone, click the gear icon on the bottom right of the story page and change the tick from top left "anyone CPU" to bottom right "friend CPU only". It is not a requirement for them to follow you back in order to use their NPC.

Note: CPU stats are scaled down to your stats if yours is lower.

  • RED Circles: Adding Someone VIA ID
    1. Menu (メニユー) Tab
    2. Friend (フレンド) Box
    3. Find Follow (フォロー追加) Box
    4. Press the Magnify Glass with ID
  • Blue Circle: Adding Someone that has Added you
    1. Menu (メニユー) Tab
    2. Friend (フレンド) Box
    3. Follower List (フォローリスト) Box
    4. Press the right button on the particular User to friend them
  • Green Circle: Delete a Follower / Friend

How To Make Friends Pic.png