Bow of the Pursuer

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Fire.pngRanged.png Bow of the Pursuer
Unlocks [[ | / ]]
Obtain via Gacha
Cost: 16 SS- Lvl 1 (80) L- Lvl 1 (120)
Attack 234 (787) 474 (1188)
Magic Attack 446 (1473) 679 (2226)
Defense 180 (496) 270 (746)
Magic Defense 264 (738) 398 (1112)
Total Stats 1124 (3494) 1821 (5272)

StorySkill.jpg Light of Demonic Ruin (IV)
18SP. Deal massive magical damage to 1 enemy
ColSkill.jpg Light of Demonic Ruin (IV)
18SP. Deal massive magical damage to 1 enemy.
ColSkill2.jpg Dauntless Courage (Two)
Fixed chance to moderately increase damage while attacking.

Weapon Story
No matter where you are, I will find you.
He moved from job to job as he watches over the woman, extending his hand in pursuit of her.

LEVEL 2:No matter what kind of danger you are in, I will protect you.
He guarded her from men with lustful eyes, eliminating all who approached her.

LEVEL 3:I could even give up my life, if that is what you desire.
He sent her gifts in an attempt to convey his feelings.

LEVEL 4:The man was drunk with devotion.
Yet the woman was unable to understand the emotions directed towards her.
That is why when the palace guards dragged him away, he screamed as his beloved trembled, "I swear by this bow. We shall meet again!"
Translation by Warusou


Card Image 0045.png
Card Image 0046.png