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Portrait Cinderella.png

NameJP シンデレラ
Origin Cinderella
Gender Female
Voice ActorJP Eri Kitamura
Release Date June 6, 2017

"People who think they’ve been pristine their whole lives are the kind I hate the most."

"They’re the only ones that are filthy on the inside ― I can never tell what’s going through their heads."

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Character Introduction PV
[7th Character Voice (CV) Introduction]
The character voice of Eri Kitamura's Cinderella is released!

Relief. Ridicule. Fairy magic.
Deceive oneself, and deceive one's surroundings.
Witnessing that authority personally, it was decided ░░░░░░ cannot become king.

SINoALICE offical website
Translation provided by Chao
CONCEPT:Depravity (卑劣)
Actions or mannerisms which are seen as vulgar and squalid.

① Those who seize and pay homage to ░░░░░░ are those who understand the importance of life.
② Paint your surroundings with false ░░░░░░ and laugh it off as a matter of course.


If I revive my Author, I’ll have him rewrite my story as I see fit. I’ll be the king, free to enjoy myself to my heart’s content… without ever having to depend on or be used by anyone.


Rubbing salt in people’s wounds is such fun.


Tremble pathetically while I blow you away.

Translations provided by Warusou

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