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Cleaning is a mini-game which can be accessed via the Home Menu (See Translations).

The objective is to clear waves of Nightmares until the 30 second time limit is up.

  • These Nightmares are not collectible.

Players have unlimited access to this mini-game until Rank 20. Upon reaching Rank 21, players must wait 8 hours or use 1 Cleaning Ticket to enter.

  • The 8 hour cooldown does not reset with the use of Cleaning Tickets.
  • Cleaning Tickets can be obtained by completing all other Daily Missions.

How to Play[edit | edit source]

  • Clear Nightmares by tapping them when they appear on the screen, or by chaining them together by dragging a finger from one Nightmare to the next.
    • Each Nightmare killed gives an amount of EXP and AP depending on current rank.
      • At Rank 1, they give 1XP/1AP.
      • At Rank ?, they give 2XP/2AP.
      • At Rank 65, they give 3XP/2AP.
    • Nightmares give the same amount of AP regardless of color.
    • Occasionally, big Nightmares will appear.
      • These give 10 times the EXP of a regular sized Nightmare.
  • Scoring 3x chains or killing 5 nightmares give one Red Orb, for a maximum of 5 Red Orbs.
    • Chains can be done by sliding over nightmares with same colour.
  • Tap the character to use all 5 Red Orbs and unleash an attack that clears the screen.
    • The countdown will freeze for the duration of the skill's animation.

Cleaning will fill AP up to double the amount of the player's current AP cap.

  • Example: At Rank 4, players have an AP cap of 33. The highest amount of AP Cleaning can yield will be 66.
  • If the player ranks up while Cleaning, the limit will be double of the new level's AP cap.