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Guild settings as seen by the guild leader

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Colosseum is a guild event that occurs twice a day, depending on the times selected by the guild leader.

It is currently on hold indefinitely.

There are four available times to choose from (all in Japanese standard time): 08:00, 12:30, 20:00, and 23:00. The default times (if not changed after guild creation) are 20:00 and 23:00.

Times are shown on the user's page in the timezone of the device used, and as such, (unless you are in the same timezone as Japan) may appear different from the above stated times.

The Colosseum screen can be accessed by tapping on the top right button (beside the Guild button), or the icon of the red crossed swords on the Homepage. Displayed here are the guild's rank, win-loss ratio, video guides on how to play, a list of what rewards for each ranking, the two battles available based on the time slots chosen by the guild, and a medal exchange button at the bottom.

Note that weapons will have different passive effects meant only for Colosseum, and that nightmares will have an extended summon time as well as different skills upon summon.

Basic Guidelines (Translation)[edit | edit source]

  • All names (Shootdown Time, etc) are temporary
About Colosseum
Colosseum is a guild battle of at maximum 15 v 15 players. The guild that gains the most Inochi will win. Inochi can be earned by dealing damage to opponents.
About the Vanguard (Player Roles)
Roles are divided into four broad categories: attacker, recovery, support, and tank. Cooperate with allies in matching roles and aim for victory.
About SP Recovery
Recover SP in a dedicated SP recovery area. Because SP is not recovered over time, manage it so that it will not run out.
About Shootdown Time
If the opponent's vanguard is destroyed, it will shift to Shootdown Time. In this time the opponent's Guild Ship can be destoryed. Successful destruction of the Guild Ship will steal the opponent's Inochi.
About Resuscitation Time
When the allied vanguard is destroyed, it will shift to Resuscitation Time. Every time an ally is restored, it will limit the enemy's Shootdown Time's time limit.
About Summoning the Demon
The Demon will appear twice in the Colosseum at a random time. If this summon succeeds, the battle will proceed favorably. Use weapons that correspond to the summon conditions.