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Co-Operative (Co-Op) mode allows players to clear stories together. Up to five people can participate at the same time in a given quest. Clear Chapter 1, Paragraph 9 of any character's quest to unlock Co-Op mode.

Joining another player's quest

From the "モノガタリ" (quest) menu, select "共闘" (Co-Op) in the top left. The tabs are, from left to right, "Random," "Friends," and "Guild Members," and you can browse the quests available in each category. Note that "Friends" is really "Follows"; you will see quests for players you have followed even if they have not followed you back, and both players will earn Friend Medals if the quest is completed.

You must spend the full AP cost to join a quest in Co-Op mode. Furthermore, you can only join stories you have unlocked. However, if you join another player's quest that you have not completed, it will remain incomplete and the next paragraph or chapter will remain locked.

Hosting a quest[edit | edit source]

From the "モノガタリ" (Story/Quest) menu, select "共闘設定" (Co-Op Settings) to select who you will allow to join a quest you are hosting.

  • 「だれとでも」 - Anyone
  • 「フレンドのみ」 - Friends only
  • 「ギルドメンバーのみ」 - Guild members only
  • 「選択したフレンドのみ」 - Select specific people from your friends list. They will be your NPC party (guaranteed), and only those players can join your games. If your selected friends are higher power than you are, they will be scaled down to your power. However, if said friends join you manually (not just as a CPU), they will be playing at their usual, higher power.
  • 「フレンドとギルドメンバーのみ」 - Friends and guild members only

Rewards[edit | edit source]

When completing a Co-Op mode quest, all players who are friends and/or guild members will earn 1 Friend Medal, found in their presents, in addition to normal loot. Up to three Friend Medals can be acquired each day.

Notes[edit | edit source]

CPUs will not act unless you have loaded into the quest, but Co-Op players can complete the quest without you.

Whether you are hosting or joining a quest, as long as the quest completes, you will still get all loot, XP, gold, and medals even if you were unable to participate due to lag or long loading times. However, while you are loading or lagging, your character will either not be doing anything in battle, or autoattacking like CPUs do.

Even if other players join your hosted quest, it will not count for you as a completion for Co-Op-related missions. Only missions that you have joined from the Co-Op screen will count for those missions. However, you can still get a friend medal from the completed quest if a friend or guildmate had joined.

There are certain cases where players cannot join a quest:

  • The quest has progressed to the final wave.
  • The quest has already ended.
  • The quest is ending in less than one minute.
  • The hosting player has been knocked out.
  • All five slots are full.