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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Equipment Tutorial
Translated and typeset by Chao

There are three types of equipment that characters can use in SINoALICE: Weapons, Nightmares, Items and Armour, which have rarity represented by letter ranks. The 6 ranks, from lowest to highest, are:

  1. C
  2. B
  3. A
  4. S
  5. SS
  6. L

You can equip them by heading to the 裝備 screen. The red おすすめ button auto-equips any suitable gear, though do take note that you should press on the 'Sub' button and equip any gear for your sub grid as well, which gives you 10% of the equipped sub gears' stats. No duplicates are allowed. You can use your duplicates to Limit Break or Level your gear (not recommended for weapons).

For your main grid, if you have a Physical job equipped, you can only equip Physical weapons; If you have a Magical job equipped, you can only equip Magical weapons. Tome-type and Instrument-type weapons have buff/debuff and not attack skills, so a deck full of them is not viable for solo play if you wish to do any damage. Long press on weapons to see their descriptions. Since magical classes can only equip magical equipment, and physical classes can only equip physical equipment, have a look at your weapons and, if you have a clear majority of one type, consider equipping the corresponding class.

The 'maximum' stats on this wiki's individual equipment pages represent fully-limit-broken (where applicable), fully-leveled equipment. Please note that for armor, especially, even though they cannot be limit broken, the maximum stats currently achievable in-game are lower than the datamined maximum number shown on the wiki. We are in the process of investigating why this is the case.

For information on how Character Jobs work, see Jobs.

Limit Breaking[edit | edit source]

Limit breaking refers to using the Limit Breaking screen to feed a weapon a copy of itself. This increases its maximum level, or level cap.

Evolution[edit | edit source]

Several Weapons, Armor, and Nightmares can be Evolved into an improved version of the same item.

Equipment can evolve to higher ranks, depending on the base rank:

  • Base SS can evolve to L
  • S can evolve to SS
  • A can evolve to S (if they have a cost of 9 or 10) or SS (cost of 11 or 12)

In order to evolve an item, several requirements must be met:

  • The item must have reached its basic level cap.
    • In other words, higher level caps unlocked through limit-breaking are not taken into account.
  • The necessary ingredients for Evolution must be available.
    • Said ingredients can be acquired from the relevant dungeons, depending on type of item (weapon or armor) and/or element.
  • You must have enough Gold to cover the costs of Evolution.

Important: Evolving the item will reset the item's level to 1.

Evolution Materials for Weapons Materials for Armor Materials for Nightmares
B->A - 15 Feathers, 5 Wings -
A->S 15 Claws, 5 Scales, 1 Eye 30 Feathers, 20 Wings, 5 Crests 30 Tallow, 10 Mucus, 1 Lifeblood
S->SS 45 Claws, 20 Scales, 5 Eyes 45 Feathers, 30 Wings, 15 Crests, 1 Mask 45 Tallow, 20 Mucus, 5 Lifeblood
SS->L 40 Scales, 15 Eyes, 5 Shackles -  ??
Obtained From Mysteries of Evolution, Event Medals Oddities of Evolution, Event Medals Charm Medals

Leveling[edit | edit source]

You can increase the level (and thus stats) of your equipment by heading to the 強化 screen from the bottom navigation bar.

Item Rarity XP when fed
Icon Misc 0365.png Sword of Strengthening (V), Icon Misc 0370.png Shield of Strengthening (V) SS 10000
Icon Misc 0364.png Sword of Strengthening (IV) Icon Misc 0369.png Shield of Strengthening (IV) S 5500
Icon Misc 0363.png Sword of Strengthening (III) Icon Misc 0368.png Shield of Strengthening (III) A 1600
Icon Misc 0362.png Sword of Strengthening (II) Icon Misc 0367.png Shield of Strengthening (II) B 200
Icon Misc 0361.png Sword of Strengthening (I) Icon Misc 0366.png Shield of Strengthening (I) C 50

Weapon Types[edit | edit source]

Attack weapons are used to deal damage, and can be wielded by Breakers, Paladins, Gunners, and Crushers. Their damage can be affected in-battle by other allies' buffs (using the magical instruments) and enemies' debuffs. They can affect either a single or multiple enemies.

Skill Main Job Damage type Target
Blade.png Breaker Physical Single
Ranged.png Gunner Magical
Polearm.png Paladin Multiple
Hammer.png Crusher Physical

Support weapons have different effects based on their skill type, and can be wielded by Casters, Clerics, Minstrels, and Sorcerers. They seem to be unaffected by buffs and debuffs. Unlike the attack weapons, the target varies from weapon to weapon.

Skill Main Job Class Effect
Focus.png Caster Offensive Deals damage
Tome.png Sorcerer Debuffs enemies' defenses
Staff.png Cleric Defensive Heals allies
Instrument.png Minstrel Buffs allies' damage

Lists of Relevant Items[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapon List

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Armor[edit | edit source]

Armor List

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Nightmares[edit | edit source]


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