Error Message

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通信に失敗しました。トップページに戻ります。[edit | edit source]

Despair Loop.png

Communication failed. Returning to top page.

If you try to resume your quest, it will either work, or the same message will appear. If you have tried relaunching the app to resume the quest and it still does not work, you may want to retreat from the quest instead.

サーバーへの接続に失敗しました。リトライしますか?Request timeout[edit | edit source]

Request Error.png
Failed to connect to the server. Would you like to retry?

OK tries to connect again, Cancel returns you to the title.

「名前」以外でスタートした場合專用ストーリーを見ることができません。モノガタリをスタートますか?[edit | edit source]

Alice Recommandation.jpg

The game recommends that you to use <character name> for this quest because of unique dialog. Would you like to continue using your current character?

The white button cancels out. If you want to go as the current character, press OK.

不適切な文字が含まれている為入力できません.[edit | edit source]

Your message cannot be submitted because it contains inappropriate characters.

If you have entered a message, try editing it. If you have not, restarting the app usually fixes this one.

予期せぬエラーが発生しました。タイトル画面に戻ります。[edit | edit source]

Title Error.png

An unexpected error occurred. You will be returned to the title screen.

If OK does nothing, relaunch the app or wait for the servers to respond.