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Event Duration:
08:00 UTC, October 16, 201717:00 JST, October 16, 2017
11:00 UTC, October 29, 201720:00 JST, October 29, 2017

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The Colosseum ranking event that will decide which guilds are the strongest in the game. To participate, your guildmaster or sub-guildmaster must enter the guild into the competition during the entry period, between 2017-10-16 17:00 JST and 2017-10-18 23:59 JST. The entry period was originally from the 17th to 18th but it was announced on was 2017-10-12 that the entry period would be extended to include a day earlier.

Preliminaries take place between 10-20 0:00 and 10-27 23:59 JST at the Colosseum time set by each guild. The top-ranking guilds in preliminaries go through to the Final fight.

The Final fight takes place on 10-29 20:00 to 20:20 JST, regardless of the normal time the participating guilds' Colosseum is set to. Non-participating guilds will hold Colosseum at their usual times.

10/19 and 10/28 are interval or rest days between stages.

Victory Points[edit | edit source]

5 Granmedal.png x1
Glyph of Strengthening (III)
10 Granmedal.png x2
Colosseum Jewel (III)
15 Granmedal.png x2
Glyph of Strengthening (IV)
Gold x100,000
20 Granmedal.png x2
Colosseum Jewel (III)
25 Granmedal.png x3, Gold x100,000
30 Granmedal.png x5
Glyph of Strengthening (V)
35 Granmedal.png x5 Magicstone.png Magic Jewel x100 Gold x200,000
40 Granmedal.png x5 Magicstone.png Magic Jewel x100

Current Battle Rewards[edit | edit source]

Win Granmedal.png x10 Icon Item 0002.png x100 Magicstone.png Magic Jewel x30
Loss Granmedal.png x10 Icon Item 0002.png x30, Gold x100,000

Ranking Rewards[edit | edit source]

In addition to the below overall ranking rewards, you can earn rewards such as GranMedals and Magicstone.png depending on your guild's number of wins at GranColosseum.

Guilds that participate in the Final fight on 10-29 20:00 to 20:20 JST can also earn additional rewards depending on their battle result.

GranMedals can be exchanged for Half-Nightmare jobs and Infinite-Evolution weapons, and carry over to the next GranColosseum if you do not spend them in this one. During this GranColosseum, the Half-Nightmare Alice (Polearms) job can be purchased for Granmedal.pngx50. A Blade and Staff Infinite-Evolution Weapon can be purchased for Granmedal.pngx85 each.

Ranking Reward
1 Granmedal.png x200
Charm Medalx300
Magicstone.png x3,000
2 Granmedal.png x200
Charm Medalx290
Magicstone.png x2,900
3 Granmedal.png x200
Charm Medalx280
Magicstone.png x2,800
4 - 10 Granmedal.png x200
Charm Medalx270
Magicstone.png x2,500
11 - 30 Granmedal.png x200
Charm Medalx260
Magicstone.png x2,250
31 - 50 Granmedal.png x195
Charm Medalx250
Magicstone.png x2,000
51 - 100 Granmedal.png x190
Charm Medalx250
Magicstone.png x1,750
101 - 200 Granmedal.png x185
Charm Medalx200
Magicstone.png x1,500
201 - 300 Granmedal.png x180
Charm Medalx200
Magicstone.png x1,250
301 - 500 Granmedal.png x175
Charm Medalx175
Magicstone.png x1,000
501 - 1,000 Granmedal.png x160
Charm Medalx175
Magicstone.png x750
1,001 - 2,000 Granmedal.png x130
Charm Medalx150
Magicstone.png x500
2,001 - 3,000 Granmedal.png x115
Charm Medalx130
Magicstone.png x300
3,001 - 5,000 Granmedal.png x100
Charm Medalx115
Magicstone.png x150
5,001 - 10,000 Granmedal.png x75
Charm Medalx100
Magicstone.png x100
10,001 - 20,000 Granmedal.png x40
Charm Medalx75
Magicstone.png x50
20,001 and below Granmedal.png x5

Event Shop[edit | edit source]

GranMedals Granmedal.png Cost Limit
85 1
85 1
Lv. 1 Nightmare (Restriction) Arcana (Alice/Half-Nightmare) 75 1
50 1
40 5
40 5
40 5
40 5
40 5
40 5
40 5
40 5
40 5
70 5
5 3 per month
7 1 per month
15 1 per month
30 1 per month
1 30 per month
2 30 per month
3 15 per month
10 5 per month
5 10 per month
15 10 per month
5 10 per month
15 10 per month
2 20 per month
6 10 per month
15 10 per month

Special Job: Half-Nightmare Alice[edit | edit source]

GranColosseum Alicehalfnightmare.jpg

  • Specialty weapon: Polearm
  • Polearm: 30% UP at maximum level
  • Hammers and Ranged: 75% DOWN at maximum level
  • Blades: No change

A Half-nightmare is a job specialising in a certain weapon type. Unlike existing jobs, half-nightmares are weak at certain weapons. For example, Half-Nightmare Alice is good when using Polearms but weak when using Hammers and Ranged weapons. These weapons can still be equipped; they are just much less effective. As a result, weapon types will need to be organised carefully to allow this job to shine.

This job can be purchased for 50 GranMedals. Being ranked within top 10,000 guilds in the Qualifiers earns you 75 GranMedals. In addition, these medals do not expire and will carry over to the next GranColosseum if you do not spend them in this one, so you can save up if you do not manage to get enough to buy what you want.

Infinite-Evolution Weapons[edit | edit source]

GranColosseum Infinite Evolution.jpg

Infinite-evolution weapons have high cost and high stats. Every time the weapon evolves, the skills get stronger. However, evolution materials for these weapons are unique and will only be available from the next GranColosseum onwards.

A Blade and Staff are available this GranColosseum, and they can be purchased for 85 GranMedals.