Great Hammer of Malice

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Fire.pngHammer.png Great Hammer of Malice
Unlocks [[ | / ]]
Obtain via Gacha
Cost: 13 S- Lvl 1 (70) SS- Lvl 1 (80)
Attack 254 (875) 292 (1082)
Magic Attack 222 (705) 241 (873)
Defense 107 (383) 156 (472)
Magic Defense 124 (469) 184 (579)
Total Stats 707 (2432) 873 (3006)

StorySkill.jpg Scorching Strike of Life Drain (I)
20SP. Deal small physical damage to 1-2 enemies and recover own HP by a small amount.
ColSkill.jpg Scorching Strike of Life Drain (I)
20SP. Deal small physical damage to 1-2 enemies and recover a small amount of own HP.
ColSkill2.jpg Magic DEF Interference (I)
Fixed chance to slightly reduce enemy's magical DEF while attacking.

Weapon Story
One day, a man found a rotting, strangely glowing great hammer in an ancient battlefield.
Those who wielded the great hammer would obtain enough power to shake the earth, no matter how feeble they were.

The man used the great hammer to amass military exploits, and eventually his skills grew to be feared by enemy nations.
Yet it was then that the grudges of those he killed began to pervade his dreams, and soon after he could even hear their voices while awake.

In an attempt to escape the grudges that were eating away at his spirit, the man cut off his ears.
Yet the grudges continued to echo within his mind ― he could not evade them.

In order to finally escape his karmic suffering, he bequeathed the great hammer to his apprentice and ordered him to shatter his skull.
However, the apprentice was immediately consumed by the grudges and passed away, as his mind was not as strong as the man’s. Those around were stricken with terror, and none dared to lay their hands on the great hammer. It is said that the man still continues to suffer at the hands of the grudges to this day, unable to die.
Translation by Warusou


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