Great Hammer of the Mighty

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Fire.pngHammer.png Great Hammer of the Mighty
Unlocks [[ | / ]]
Obtain via Gacha
Cost: 11 A- Lvl 1 (60) S- Lvl 1 (70) SS- Lvl 1 (80)
Attack 131 (485) 187 (739) 280 (912)
Magic Attack 93 (388) 180 (594) 260 (734)
Defense 57 (234) 120 (396) 173 (489)
Magic Defense 70 (188) 113 (320) 158 (395)
Total Stats 351 (1295) 600 (2049) 871 (2530)

StorySkill.jpg Blaze of Destruction (I)
17SP. Deal small physical damage to 1-2 enemies.
ColSkill.jpg Blaze of Destruction (I)
17SP. Deal small physical damage to 1-2 enemies.
ColSkill2.jpg Anti-Physical Barrier (I)
Fixed chance to slightly increase own physical DEF while attacking.

Weapon Story
In a certain place, there existed an old man that was blessed by the world.
The world tried to add colour to his life in various ways, yet none of its attempts ever bore fruit.

LEVEL 2:The world created demons and granted the elder a means of defeating them.
Yet the old man's life did not change in any way ― it was as if he was defying the world.

LEVEL 3:Several days after defeating the demons, the old man went to cut grass in the mountains.
Even when the wind's mischief blew his rice ball to the ground, the old man remained calm.
He immediately killed an aggressive bear and ate it for lunch instead.
Then in the evening, he found a gigantic turnip in the fields, but managed to uproot it with one hand.

LEVEL 4:This way of life continued for many years, until the world finally gave up on trying to interfere in the old man's affairs.
By then, countless tales of the old man's prowess had already been spun.
Translation by Warusou

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