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Hansel Gretel

Portrait Hansel Gretel.png

NameJP ヘンセル・グレーテル
Origin Hansel and Gretel
Gender Female
Voice ActorJP Maaya Uchida
Release Date June 6, 2017

"I care nothing for my Author."

"As long as Hansel and I are together…"

"Knowing this, why is it that I still wish to revive my Author?"

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Character Introduction PV
[8th Character Voice (CV) Introduction]
The character voice of Maaya Uchida's Gretel is released!

Siblings. Falsehood. The captured one is— Delusion. A speaking shell [corpse].
Gathering around the sweet juice is a thousand maggots.
Although the body will decay, these feelings will not fade.

SINoALICE offical website
Translation provided by Chao
CONCEPT:Delusion (虚妄)
Fiction or the lack of truth. Lies. Falsehoods.

① He was lying to me. I’m sure he’s been taken by ░░░░░░.
② Humans fall prey to their own traps, ░░░░░░ and unaware of what they have become ― ░░░░░░.


Hansel and Gretel… a story in which Hansel and I are siblings. Ah… how wondrous.


Look, Hansel… look at me… look only at me…


Hansel! Are you alright!?

Translations provided by Warusou

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