Harp of the Strange Bird

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Fire.pngInstrument.png Harp of the Strange Bird
Unlocks [[ | / ]]
Obtain via Gacha
Cost: 16 SS- Lvl 1 (80) L- Lvl 1 (120)
Attack 291 (923) 442 (1394)
Magic Attack 352 (1379) 657 (2085)
Defense 178 (494) 268 (744)
Magic Defense 262 (736) 396 (1110)
Total Stats 1083 (3532) 1763 (5333)

StorySkill.jpg Hymn of the Sage (IV)
18SP. Increase the magical ATK of 1 ally by a massive amount.
ColSkill.jpg Hymn of the Sage (IV)
18SP. Increase the magical ATK of 1 ally by a massive amount.
ColSkill2.jpg Support Backup (Two)
Fixed chance to moderately increase support effects while providing backup.

Weapon Story
On that day, a king’s heart was stolen by the beautiful chirping of a strange bird.
The king then thought, “I shall make a harp out of that strange bird.”
The next morning, he ordered a pair of skilled sibling blacksmiths to construct such an instrument in exchange for a large sum of gold.

A lazy elder brother and a diligent younger brother.
Although their attitudes towards work differed, they lived together in harmony.
Yet money in great quantity easily draws out the true nature of a person.
The younger brother completed the king’s request while the elder brother still slept.

With great joy, the younger brother displayed the strange bird’s carcass.
Without thinking, the elder brother stabbed him with a knife.
The elder brother’s eyes had been clouded by greed.
He blamed the younger brother’s death on the strange bird, and brought its carcass to the king.

The harp was built soon after.
The king attempted to play it.
As he did, the harp began to sing.
“Overcome with evil intentions, that elder brother killed his younger brother.”
Having understood everything, the king beheaded the elder brother.
Translation by Warusou


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Card Image 0034.png