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Introduction[edit source]

This page was created in order to help editors by giving them an idea of how things should be formatted and a clearer image of what we're looking for in this Wiki. By following these guidelines, maintaining consistency throughout the site will be much easier for everyone and will, hopefully, decrease the number of questions asked -- as well as any confusion one may encounter.

Writing Guidelines[edit source]

  • Please refrain from using profanity on the wiki, unless used within a direct quotation.
  • Write in North American English instead of Queen's English for consistency.
    • Favorite, not favourite.
    • Color, not colour.
    • Armor, not Armour
  • Avoid writing in first-person on content pages. Please help us keep the wiki objective and unbiased!
    • (This does not apply to talk pages.)
    • Correct: Players have to spend 10 stamina to do the battle.
    • Incorrect: You have to spend 10 stamina to do the battle.
  • Rumors are discouraged and will be removed.
    • Datamined information might be added if there's a clear picture of future content.

How to Edit Wiki Pages[edit source]

Tap/click on 'Edit' or 'Edit Source' on the top right of any page. You can create an account if you wish, but that is not compulsory.

How to Add Wiki Pages[edit source]

If it is a page using the Weapon template (Weapons, Nightmares, Armor), it may be easier to use a spreadsheet. Please let someone know on the Discord server that you would like to help with this, and someone will be able to give you access to the sheet. However, this is just a tool and not mandatory; if you wish, you can simply create a new page directly on the wiki. Either navigate to the new page, or just direct your browser to a URL like this -

Full weapon pages may sometimes take a while before they appear on the wiki because more information (in the form of datamines) is pending, but it is alright to create pages with the information you currently have. The same goes for images.

Comments, Talk Pages, and Discussion Pages[edit source]

  • Use talk pages for discussions, notes, questions, and anything else that doesn't belong on the actual wiki page.
    • Anything written on a user's talk page will "ping" the user.
  • When making a new topic, use headers ie ==[some text]==.
  • Sign at the end with ~~~~. This will automatically include the timestamp and username (or IP address) on the page.
  • Use an appropriate number of : to indent a reply.

For example:

What is typed What is seen
==Question About Page Name==
Example comment. ~~~~
:Hey, I have an answer! ~~~~
::Here's some more thoughts ~~~~

Question About Page Name[edit source]

Example comment. Chao (talk) 23:42, 2 July 2017 (EDT)

Hey, I have something to say! Chao (talk) 23:42, 2 July 2017 (EDT)
Here's some more thoughts Chao (talk) 23:42, 2 July 2017 (EDT)

Wiki Tips[edit source]

Redirects[edit source]

To redirect a page to another page, type the following in the page that's being redirected:

#REDIRECT [[page you're redirecting to]]

If a page is being redirected to a category, please format it like this:

#REDIRECT [[:Category:pagename]]

Note the colon before "Category". Not using this colon will categorize the page into that category, as well as redirect it. This sort of circular reference is not recommended.


  • Page "Yato" redirects to "Category:Swords".
  • The page "Category:Swords" will contain a link to the page "Yato" which redirects the user back to "Category:Swords".
  • You won't get anywhere.

Images[edit source]

Try to use datamined images as much as possible as they will be of the highest quality. Screenshots are allowed if no better alternative can be found.

Please refer to the Naming Image Files section for guidelines in regards to naming.

Whenever possible, upload images as .PNG files: .PNG files compress better than GIF files, and support transparency. If a file is too large, it may be uploaded as a .JPG / .JPEG file.

Templates[edit source]

Templates exist to minimize the copy-pasting of code. Define the parameters/values after calling a template, and the template will read your values and output them in the template's layout. E.g. The page Snowflake_Spear ([Snowflake_Spear]) uses the Weapon template. ([Template:Weapon]) The layout is defined in the template, and the page holds the values.

When creating a template, consider:

  • Is it easy to understand?
    • Will other editors be able to understand your template(s) and its variable(s)? Do you understand it?!
  • How useful is the template you're making?
    • Is your template ever going to be used? Does it serve any real purpose? As much as we appreciate your effort, making templates for no reason will just waste your time, as well as our space.

If you're unsure about something in regards to your template, feel free ask other editors on our Discord channel!

Also, please remember to add [[Category:Templates]] somewhere in your template.

Naming Image Files[edit source]

Item Icons[edit source]

Images of weapons, armor, nightmares, items, and miscellany include the use of item IDs and the use of Module:GetWeaponID to translate names into IDs. Depending on how hard the image dataminers have been working/whether they have given the assets they've mined to wiki staff, images may sometimes take a while to appear on the wiki.

If you have an image to share that you can see is missing from the wiki (has a red link to an Upload page that pre-fills with the image's name), feel free to upload it. You can also ask around on our Discord channel in #wiki or #resource-submissions.

Chat and Story Icons[edit source]

These use the convention "Character Job Chat Balloon.png" and "Character Job Story Balloon.png" respectively.

  • Alice Story Balloon.png Alice Story Balloon.png
  • Pinocchio Sorcerer Chat Balloon.png Pinocchio Sorcerer Chat Balloon.png

Character Portraits[edit source]

Portraits of a character should follow the convention "Portrait Character Job.png"

  • Portrait Alice Breaker.png Portrait Alice Breaker.png
  • Portrait Briar Rose Sorcerer.png Portrait Briar Rose Sorcerer.png

Advanced Topics[edit source]

Useful Pages[edit source]

Useful Templates, Modules, and Categories[edit source]

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Notification Templates
Add these banners to notify users about certain information.
Alice Story Balloon.png This Chapter is considered an area belonging to Alice . Equip Alice jobs to get a boost to skills.
Gishin Story Balloon.png This job is only available through a special promotion or time-limited event and cannot be obtained through the gacha or story.
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