How to Reroll

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Rerolling is the process of deleting your account and creating a new one repeatedly until you obtain the most desirable weapons you want in your initial summons. This page will go into the details of how to reroll.

There are regular SSR/SR weapons as well as SSR/SR weapons that unlock jobs. Data is still being collected but at this point, it is recommended to aim for the weapons which unlock jobs, as well as SS weapons of the same type. These include but are not limited to:

-->For more on jobs

Android[edit | edit source]

Rooted[edit | edit source]

  • Delete gl-payment_gamelib.xml inside Shared_Pref folder inside of data/data/

Unrooted[edit | edit source]

  • Clear app data (settings>app>sinoalice>storage>clear data)

iOS[edit | edit source]

Delete the entire application and redownload it from the App Store. If you have no WiFi or unlimited data, then you're out of luck.

Post-Reroll[edit | edit source]

After you are happy with your initial roll, you will be able to pick a starter character and job (don't worry, you will be able to unlock the rest through playing the story) and download more data for the game. After this and a quick forced Cleaning Room tutorial, you will be brought to the home screen, where you will probably want to bind the account to save it so you can retrieve the account in the event of data/device loss.

Image binding tutorial.png

Navigate to the link indicated in the screenshot, and the game will assign an ID to your account and allow you to create a password for it.

Beware that switching between Android and iOS may wipe your gems. In order to avoid this, make sure to not take gems out of your mailbox if you plan on switching.