Magic Jewel

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The magic jewel is the unit of premium currency in SINoALICE. They are primarily used to pull the gacha, but can also be spent to purchase Blessings from the shop and increase capacity for weapons, armour, Nightmares, and items.
Purchase Jewel
Gacha pull 30/300
Item0007.pngBlessing of Experience -- x2 Experience for 30 minutes 20
Drop Potion.pngBlessing of Luck -- x2 Drop Chance for 30 minutes 20
Icon Item 0009.pngBlessing of Fortune -- x2 Gold earning for 30 minutes 20
Increase capacity by 5 for Weapons / Armor / Nightmares / Items Storage 10
Refill of AP 10

Purchasing Magic Jewels[edit | edit source]

The first section is for buying magic jewels with real money (Japanese Yen).