Memories of Conviction

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Event Duration:
07:00 UTC, November 15, 201716:00 JST, November 15, 2017
05:59 UTC, November 30, 201714:59 JST, November 30, 2017

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Area Bonus :

Memories of Conviction is a collection event. Earn medals by completing quests, and use them to purchase items in the event shop.

This event has individual missions (like Gishian Collection), as well as guild milestones (like Gishian Mission). Reach milestones individually as well as collectively to get extra rewards.

The hardest quest gives the best medal yield, so it is recommended to collect medals by doing the hardest quest you can handle comfortably. Quests with Cake Spider as a boss are not recommended for repeated farming due to their difficulty.

Cake Medals[edit | edit source]

Cake Medals can be earned in the following ways:

  • Login Bonus. 500 medals a day up to ten times for logging in between 11/16 5:00:00~11/30 23:59:59. (Maximum of 5,000 medals)
  • Event Missions. Up to 22,000 Cake Medals can be earned this way.
  • As drops from enemies in event stages.

Event Missions[edit | edit source]

You have until 2017-11-30 15:59 JST to complete the following missions. For Guild Co-op missions, progress can be gained both by hosting and by joining.

Mission Reward Maximum Reward
Participate in Colosseum Cake Medal x500
Clear Chapter 1 of Memories of Conviction (Normal) Varies by mission Cake Medal x3300?
Fight with Guild Members in 1 Memories of Conviction (Normal) stage (Co-Op Mode), up to 10. Cake Medal x500 Cake Medal x5000
Fight with Guild Members in a Memories of Conviction (Hard) stage (Co-Op Mode), up to 10. Cake Medal x500 Cake Medal x5000
Every 5 quests in Co-Op Mode (Non-event quests are counted.) Cake Medal x50
Every 10 quests played (Non-event quests are counted.) Cake Medal x50

Milestone Rewards[edit | edit source]

Individual Points Reward Guild Points Reward
Dragon Scale (Fire)x20
Shackles of Dragonkind
Dragon Scale (Water)x20
Mask of Birdfolk
Dragon Scale (Wind)x20
20,000 Magicstone.png x100
Dragon Eye (Fire)x10
Shackles of Dragonkind
Dragon Eye (Water)x10
Mask of Birdfolk
Dragon Eye (Wind)x10
80,000 Magicstone.png x100
Shackles of Dragonkind
Story Jewel (III)
Mask of Birdfolk
Colosseum Jewel (III)
Shackles of Dragonkind
Colosseum Support Jewel (III)
Mask of Birdfolk
250,000 Magicstone.png x100
8,000 Magicstone.png x50 300,000 Magicstone.png x200
Mask of Birdfolk
9,000 Magicstone.png x50
Shackles of Dragonkind
15,000 Magicstone.png x50
Shackles of Dragonkind
25,000 Magicstone.png x50
Story Jewel (III)
35,000 Magicstone.png x50
Colosseum Jewel (III)
45,000 Magicstone.png x50
Story Jewel (III)
60,000 Magicstone.png x50
Colosseum Jewel (III)
80,000 Magicstone.png x50
Colosseum Support Jewel (III)
100,000 Magicstone.png x50

Event Weapon[edit | edit source]

Gretel's Staff of Delusion gives 1.5x Medal gain in this event. (2x at Maximum Limit Break.) In order to gain this effect, it must be equipped either in your main or sub grid during the event missions.

Medal Shop[edit | edit source]

Cake Medals can be exchanged in the Medal menu. All Cake Medals and shop exchange rewards expire on 8th December, 2017. Show/Hide Recommendations

Recommended[edit | edit source]

  • Wait to see if there is a Part 2 shop refill
  • Gretel (Breaker) Arcana: Permanent stats.
  • Little Mermaid (Gunner) Arcana: Permanent Stats.
  • Cake Spider: Currently the only nightmare with an anti-book Colosseum skill. Amazing stats for a non-gacha Nightmare.
  • Assorted skill jewels (Colosseum, Story, and Colosseum Support): These boost the three types of skills every weapon has, and are not currently farmable in the game. They can only be purchased with various medals.
  • : Rare drop from Weapon Evolution Quests on Daily Events. Highly recommended to buy them even if you do not have weapons to evolve right now, as their drop rate is notoriously low and they are required in high amounts.

To Consider[edit | edit source]

  • : If you plan on evoing your subgrid for stats or haven't finished evoing your main set, it is a good idea to start stocking up on these early, as you will need high amounts of them and events don't give them out.
  • Sword of Strengthening (IV)
    Sword of Strengthening (III)
    Weapon EXP fodder:
    Better rate than Daily Events. Needed for leveling equipment.
  • for 50 medals: Great value.

Not Recommended[edit | edit source]

  • : Even though they are rare, they aren't used that much. You will end up with what you need, as a lot of events give out one or two for free.
  • Dragon Claw (Water)
    Feather of Birdfolk
    Wing of Birdfolk
    You generally get more of them than you need while looking for
    Dragon Eye (Water)
    Crest of Birdfolk
    • If you currently need them for upgrading your gear anyway, calculate whether it is more AP-efficient than doing the Evolution Quest on Daily Events.
  • for 200 medals: Worse returns per AP compared to just running the gold dungeon.
  • Book of Rending
    Book of Opportunity
    JP books:
    You will eventually end up with more JP than you have jobs, and they are fairly expensive.
Cake Medals Cost Limit
Gunner Arcana (Little Mermaid) 20,000 1
Breaker Arcana (Gretel) 20,000 1
1500 1
3000 4
Magicstone.png Magic Jewel 20 50
Magicstone.png Magic Jewel 50 250
500 20
200 30
500 20
200 30
500 20
200 30
500 5
10 100
10 100
10 100
20 60
20 60
20 60
50 20
50 20
50 20
1000 4
50 30
20 100
10 100
1600 5
1000 5
50 50
20 50
50 30
200 999
1500 1
1500 1
1500 1