Red Riding Hood

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Red Riding Hood

Portrait Red Riding Hood.png

NameJP 赤ずきん
Origin Little Red Riding Hood
Gender Female
Voice ActorJP Ayaka Imamura
Release Date June 6, 2017

"Isn’t this red hood pretty?"

"It doesn’t stand out no matter how much blood is splashed on it, so it’s my favourite!"

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Character Introduction PV
[3rd Character Voice (CV) Introduction]
The character voice of Ayaka Imamura's Little Red Riding Hood is released!

◆Red Riding Hood
Wolf. Torture. That entertainment is— Violence.
A simple-minded and pure murdering demon.
That desire is filled with crimson sludge.

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Translation provided by Chao
CONCEPT:Violence (暴力)
Actions which cause physical harm to a person’s body or possessions. The reckless use of one’s strength.

① She is prone to unreasonable behaviour, such as ░░░░░░ and claiming her acts of violence are meant to be playful.
② Her intelligence is extremely low in comparison to ░░░░░░, whom she works with.

作者さんが復活したら、たくさん遊んでもらうんです。刺ったり、折ったり、切ったり、 剥いだり、抉ったりしたいなぁ……

If my Author comes back to life, I’ll have him make it so I get to play lots. I want to stab, break, cut, tear, gouge…


One, two, three, four… and I can still kill many more…!


Ahahahaha! Ahahahahahaha!!

Translations provided by Warusou

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