Reparation for the Usurped Princess

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Fire.pngRanged.png Reparation for the Usurped Princess
Unlocks [[ | / ]]
Obtain via Gacha
Cost: 13 S- Lvl 1 (70) SS- Lvl 1 (80)
Attack 222 (705) 241 (873)
Magic Attack 246 (867) 284 (1074)
Defense 122 (467) 182 (577)
Magic Defense 101 (377) 150 (466)
Total Stats 691 (2416) 857 (2990)

StorySkill.jpg Light of Demonic Ruin (III)
16SP. Deal great magical damage to 1 enemy
ColSkill.jpg Light of Demonic Ruin (III)
16SP. Deal great magical damage to 1 enemy.
ColSkill2.jpg Dauntless Courage (One)
Fixed chance to slightly increase damage while attacking.

Weapon Story
An imperial guard in a kingdom that boasted the strongest army out of its neighbouring countries.
That was the man’s occupation. Regardless of how many of his colleagues surrounded him, he remained in solitude.
If it meant colluding with men who would deceive their comrades to get ahead, he would much rather be alone.

Eventually, the man bonded with a woman who despised their homeland as he did, and was freed from his solitude.
From that day onward, he feared being alone.
“I will defend this tranquility, even if I should be pursued.”
Having made his decision, the man took his wife and fled their homeland.

Their family gained a third member, and the man forgot about his solitude.
His anniversary gifts were always handmade.
Though she was meant to live a lavish life, she said, “As long as you are here…”
It was by those words that the man was saved by his wife, who bore the burden of a meager living.

It was on the day that his wife fell pregnant with the fourth member of their family.
The door flew open. Palace guards blocked the way. The man shot down for the treasonous act of kidnapping the princess, and fell in a cold pool of blood.
…The man cursed.
He cursed himself for forcing his wife to shoulder the fear of solitude.
Translation by Warusou


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