Rousing Staff

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Fire.pngStaff.png Rousing Staff
Unlocks [[ | / ]]
Obtain via Gacha
Cost: 16 SS- Lvl 1 (80) L- Lvl 1 (120)
Attack 295 (927) 446 (1398)
Magic Attack 356 (1383) 661 (2089)
Defense 268 (742) 402 (1116)
Magic Defense 180 (496) 270 (746)
Total Stats 1099 (3548) 1779 (5349)

StorySkill.jpg Healing Light (IV)
18SP. Heal 1 ally by a massive amount of HP.
ColSkill.jpg Healing Light (IV)
18SP. Heal 1 ally by a massive amount of HP.
ColSkill2.jpg Recovery Backup (II)
Fixed chance to moderately increase HP recovered while healing.

Weapon Story
Gaphia (f.1087) Rousing Speech I
No matter how many sound arguments you put forth, they will never understand.
No matter how strongly you shake their eardrums, we will never reach a mutual justice.
The things we have seen are too different.LEVEL 2:Gaphia (f.1087) Rousing Speech I
If that is so, then let us speak the common language of violence.
The righteous are those who cry in triumph!LEVEL 3:Gaphia (f.1087) Rousing Speech II
If defending the lives of the people is the king's duty, then I am no king.
However, more than a king, I am myself.
You have sworn your loyalty to me, have you not?LEVEL 4:Gaphia (f.1087) Rousing Speech II
Brave people of Gorwal!
Come! Lay down your lives in reckless battle!
Give me a taste of the magnificent wine known as victory!
Translation by Warusou


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