Scythe of Illusions

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Fire.pngPolearm.png Scythe of Illusions
Unlocks [[ | / ]]
Obtain via Gacha
Cost: 13 S- Lvl 1 (70) SS- Lvl 1 (80)
Attack 224 (707) 243 (875)
Magic Attack 248 (869) 286 (1076)
Defense 124 (469) 184 (579)
Magic Defense 103 (379) 152 (468)
Total Stats 699 (2424) 865 (2998)

StorySkill.jpg Blaze of Demonic Ruin (II)
19SP. Deal moderate magical damage to 1-2 enemies.
ColSkill.jpg Blaze of Demonic Ruin (II)
19SP. Deal moderate magical damage to 1-2 enemies.
ColSkill2.jpg Mental Focus (I)
Fixed chance to slightly increase own magical ATK while attacking.

Weapon Story
The boy ran wild. He raged. He continued to exert his strength.
There was no longer anyone who could challenge him.
The boy pillaged and pillaged, until he one day obtained a scythe that could supposedly show illusions.

The boy continued to wield the scythe until he met someone whom he could not best with brute strength.
That man was a hero that had left his mark in history.

“Never forget the swordsmanship of the world’s strongest man. I am far beyond what you will ever attain.”
The man calmly spoke those words of disdain.
Mortified over his defeat, the boy chose focus his strength through martial arts instead of lashing out at his surroundings.

Before long, the boy grew skilled enough to retaliate against the hero.
The hero vanished into thin air as the boy’s scythe made contact.
He realized that the hero he saw was nothing more than an illusion.
Having been trained in body and mind by the hero, the boy took up his mantle from then on.
Translation by Warusou


Card Image 0015.png
Card Image 0016.png