Shards of Memories

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Event duration:
07:00 UTC, June 13, 201716:00 JST, June 13, 2017
06:59 UTC, June 30, 201715:59 JST, June 30, 2017
Displayed time is based on your local machine's time.

Shards of Memories is a collection event, and the first event in SINoALICE.

All quests have fire Little Rabbit enemies and a fire Clock Rabbit boss; the only drops are Chrono Medals. Each difficulty awards a bonus 15 Chrono Medals the first 5 times it is cleared. Higher difficulties require an increasing amount of total stats.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Shards of Memories Missions Enemies
AP: 6-15  Difficulty: 10-60

Rose.png Complete within 5 minutes.
Rose.png Complete without using a continue.
Rose.png Use at least 3 water skills.

Wave 1: Icon Nightmare 0459.pngIcon Nightmare 0459.pngIcon Nightmare 0459.png
XP: 2-15
Gold: 60-150
Clear: Magicstone.png Magic Jewel
Wave 2: Icon Nightmare 0459.pngIcon Nightmare 0459.pngIcon Nightmare 0459.png
Chrono Medal x1 Wave 3: Icon Nightmare 0459.pngIcon Nightmare 0459.pngIcon Nightmare 0459.png
Difficulty AP XP Gold Medals/clear Stats needed
1 10 6 2 60 1 -
2 15 7 2 70 2 -
3 20 8 8 80 3 -
4 25 9 9 90 4 -
5 30 10 10 100 5 -
6 35 11 11 110 6 15.000
7 40 12 12 120 7 20.000
8 45 13 13 130 8 25.000
9 50 14 14 140 9 30.000
10 60 15 15 150 10 40.000

Medal Shop[edit | edit source]

Chrono Medals can be exchanged in the Medal menu. All Chrono Medals and shop exchange rewards expire on July 1, 2017.

Chrono Medal exchange Cost Limit Buyout
Icon Nightmare 0459.png Clock Rabbit 100 1 100
Icon Nightmare 0459.png Clock Rabbit 300 5 1500
Magicstone.png Magic Jewel 3 50 150
Icon Misc 0377.png Colosseum Jewel (II) 40 6 240
Icon Misc 0376.png Colosseum Jewel (I) 14 30 420
Icon Misc 0380.png Colosseum Support Jewel (II) 40 4 160
Icon Misc 0379.png Colosseum Support Jewel (I) 14 20 280
Icon Misc 0383.png Story Jewel (II) 40 5 200
Icon Misc 0382.png Story Jewel (I) 14 30 420
100 1 100
Dragon Eye (Fire)
Dragon Eye (Water)
Dragon Eye (Wind)
Dragon Eyes
10 5 150
Dragon Scale (Fire)
Dragon Scale (Water)
Dragon Scale (Wind)
Dragon Scales
5 20 300
Dragon Claw (Fire)
Dragon Claw (Water)
Dragon Claw (Wind)
Dragon Claws
1 45 135
150 1 150
10 5 50
5 20 100
1 45 45
Icon Misc 0364.png Sword of Strengthening (IV) 10 5 50
Icon Misc 0363.png Sword of Strengthening (III) 3 20 60
Icon Misc 0399.png Sack of Gold 10 10 100
Total number of medals to buy out the shop 4710
Icon Misc 0398.png Sack of Silver 5 99
per day
per day

Buyout[edit | edit source]

Aside from the Sacks of Silver, it requires 4710 medals to buy all other items in the shop. Every 24 hours, 480 AP is generated. Assuming time lost for sleep is offset by AP generated from cleaning and rank ups, if you want to buy out the shop, it will take approximately this many days depending on which paragraph you run.

The event lasts for 16 days, so red values are completely out, yellow can probably make it with some extra effort, and green should be easily doable without extra effort.

AP Medals/day Days to
4710 medals
6 80 57.9375
7 137.14 33.25
8 180 24.91
9 213.33 20.67
10 240 18.0625
11 261.81 16.27
12 280 14.94
13 295.38 13.91
14 308.57 13.07
15 320 12.375
(calculations include bonus medals earned from 5 clears per difficulty up to the current difficulty)



Nightmares have begun gathering at a single location.

They must be breeding like rabbits!

It’s a Nightmare pleasure party!

We want you to exterminate their leader.

Nip them in the bud.

Go and eradicate them.

You’ll do it, won’t you?

You’ve got to kill every last one of them, don’t you?

Well, off you go.


The darkness endlessly spawns these word-devouring beasts.

I cannot begin to imagine how they are born, what goes through their minds and how they feel when they take lives.

Whatever the case may be, if I must kill them, then I can only hope that they are evil.

I shake away these idle thoughts as I continue to press onward.

The Nightmares are screaming.

They’re so annoying!

Let’s exterminate every last one of these vermin.


The dolls lead me to an abandoned castle.

A vast number of black Nightmares were squirming within.


The beast in front of me pounces, having been ignited with the flames of determination.

It must be aware that I intend to kill them.

I slay my enemy without any hesitation, caring not for the great innocence of its resolve.

With the death of the one they relied upon, the rest are overcome by an irrepressible despair.

In their terror, they huddle even closer together.


I can slaughter them all at once like this.

I tell myself this in an attempt to steel my blade.


A beast with an unusual aura lunged towards me just before I could reach the innermost depths of the castle.

Oh. I recognize those eyes.

She, too, is a victim of her own impulses.

Watching her struggle to avoid drowning in despair reminds me of myself.

What she bears is not compassion, but determination.

I tightly gripped my blade.

The pocket watch at her chest is rotating frantically.

It emits a torrent of light that harmonizes with her cries of anguish ― the light expands, threatening to swallow me whole.

I choose not to run, and in the moment the light envelopes me…

The world begins to warp, and I find myself back at the forest where I first began…


 Even without ties of blood, we’ve become
family by growing closer over a long
period of time.

Are you lost too?

Come with us.
It’s lonely by yourself, isn’t it?

Everyone’s at the castle.

We’re all family.


”Let’s join hands and protect one another.”
He taught me to do that, but he’s gone
We help each other when we’re sad.

We share with each other when we’re happy.

Those are the rules of this place.


He sacrificed himself so I could get away.
I took up his wish and gathered our
brethren, who were left with nobody to
rely on.

Even though we were born in different

We’re still a family.

We’re the closest family in the world.


”Look. Our family has grown so large.”
”I’m not lonely anymore.”
I smile at the pocket watch that he left

Our mother’s treasure.

It’s a sparkling pocket watch.

She stares at it all the time.


Today is the anniversary of when he and I
We all worked hard to prepare a
celebration together.
Our friends that don’t live with us even 
came to visit.

Today is a special anniversary.

A happy day that we’ll spend together.

Let’s all make our mother smile.


I can hear the echoing death throes of my brethren.
I was prepared for a day like this to
I now know how he felt when he helped
me escape.
”I will protect you…”

Why are you doing this to us?
Why are you taking them away from me?

I’ll protect them, no matter what.

I won’t let anyone take anything away
from me ever again.

He’s going to praise me for helping our
family grow.

I’m so sorry.
I couldn’t protect our family…
I couldn’t… protect your watch, either.
Ah… I wanted you… to praise me.

Translated by Warusou