Snow White

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Snow White

Portrait Snow White.png

NameJP スノウホワイト
Origin Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Gender Female
Voice ActorJP Reina Ueda
Release Date June 6, 2017

"True to my name, I refuse to suffer any impurity."

"I will live my life with a conscience as clean as the pure driven snow that falls from the sky."

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Character Introduction PV
[2nd Character Voice (CV) Introduction]
The character voice of Reina Ueda's Snow White is released!

◆Snow White
A white dress is proof of loyalty.
Until it is dirtied by the Master
continue intently to protect.

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Translations provided by Chao
CONCEPT:Justice (正義)
Just behaviour. Moral correctness. The system of imposing strict punishments against violations of the law.

① The ░░░░░░ upon which you place your faith is evil in my eyes.
② Even if ░░░░░░, continuing to adhere will warp one’s virtue into wicked zealotry.


I am… not mistaken…


My justice… is the revival of my master. Those who would stand in my way… are nothing if not evil.


I believe that a fitting end awaits those who are just.

Translations provided by Warusou

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