Start Dash Campaign

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Start Dash Campaign.jpg
Start Dash Campaign.jpg
Event Duration:
23:00 UTC, June 4, 201708:00 JST, June 5, 2017

Displayed time is based on your local machine's time.

Login Bonus[edit | edit source]


For the first 10 days logged in, players will receive:

Start Dash Missions[edit | edit source]

There are 18 Start Dash missions, most of them for performing basic in-game actions.

On July 5, 2017, the Colosseum mission was changed to "evolve 2 pieces of armor."

Objective Reward
Complete all 17 other Start Dash missions. Icon Weapon 0359.png Wings of Husks
Change your profile message. Icon Weapon 0357.png Virgin's Spinal Fluid
Join a guild. ギルドに加入する Magicstone.png x100
Strengthen a weapon.
Sword of Strengthening (V)
Evolve a weapon. 武器進化を1回達成 Magicstone.png x60
Limit break a weapon. Magicstone.png x60
Sell a piece of equipment.
Shackles of Dragonkindx5
Follow a friend.
Dragon Eye (Water)x10
Change a pre-set chat message.
Dragon Eye (Wind)x10
Create a chat group.
Book of Opportunity
Clear 10 story quests. Magicstone.png x60
Assist and clear another player's quest. 共關からモノガタリを1回クリア Magicstone.png x60
Pull the gacha. 500,000 gold
Purchase an item from the medal exchange. 500,000 gold
Change the job of your main party.
Book of Opportunity
Fight in the Colosseum 2 times.
Evolve 2 pieces of armor. 防具進化を2回達成
Magicstone.png x100
Post a reply on the message board.
Sword of Strengthening (V)

How do I complete X mission?[edit | edit source]

Change a pre-set chat message[edit | edit source]

From the Menu, tap on Options:

HT preset chat 1.jpg

Scroll down and tap the bottom-left button.

HT preset chat 2.jpg

Pick any message and change the contents to something else. If you fail to complete the mission, try changing a different message.

Post on the message board[edit | edit source]

From the Menu, tap on Message Board.

HT BulltinBoard 1.jpg

Tap the circled button to create a new post.

HT BulltinBoard 2.jpg

Enter a subject and a message.

HT BulltinBoard 3.jpg

Change the job of your main party[edit | edit source]

Tap on the Party (puppet) button on the bottom menu. Tap the red button of your top party, which is your main party.

Tap the circled button to choose from your list of available jobs. If you only have one, you will need to complete another character's chapter 1-1 story in order to unlock a new job.

HT Job 1.jpg

HT Job 2.jpg

Assist and clear another player's story quest[edit | edit source]

Help Friend 1.pngHelp Friend 2.png

Change your profile message[edit | edit source]

From the Home screen, tap on your rank in the top left. Tap on the pen button on the bottom half of the screen. Change the message.

Create a chat group[edit | edit source]

From home, tap the bottom right chat box.

Go to the second tab and tap the top left box.

Click a friend, tap the red button.

Insert a name for the channel and click OK.

Joining a Guild[edit | edit source]

You need to complete Chapter 2-10 first in order to unlock the option. Refer to Guilds for more infomation

Upgrading, Evolving, and Limit Breaking[edit | edit source]

Refer to Equipment Guide for more information.