Sword of Necessary Evils

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Fire.pngBlade.png Sword of Necessary Evils
Unlocks [[ | / ]]
Obtain via Gacha
Cost: 11 A- Lvl 1 (60) S- Lvl 1 (70) SS- Lvl 1 (80)
Attack 138 (492) 194 (746) 277 (909)
Magic Attack 100 (395) 187 (601) 257 (731)
Defense 79 (197) 122 (329) 157 (394)
Magic Defense 62 (239) 125 (401) 168 (484)
Total Stats 379 (1323) 628 (2077) 859 (2518)

StorySkill.jpg Light of Destruction (II)
14SP. Deal moderate physical damage to 1 enemy
ColSkill.jpg Light of Destruction (II)
14SP. Deal moderate physical damage to 1 enemy.
ColSkill2.jpg Dauntless Courage (One)
Fixed chance to slightly increase damage while attacking.

Weapon Story
It was wielded by both heroes and heinous criminals alike.
Good and evil were irrelevant to that sword.
It merely resonated with the emotions of its owner and granted them power.

LEVEL 2:That is why the world was sure to experience peace when a boy took up the sword with a wish for harmony.
Yet the sword was one of a pair. What would become of the world if the second sword fell into the hands of evil?

LEVEL 3:Justice and evil clash time and time again.
The tale approaches an unforeseen ending.
The boy made a realization in the midst of battle.
There are things in this world that cannot survive without evil.

LEVEL 4:With the fall of evil having come to pass, the boy reforged the paired swords into a single blade.
He then devoted his life to shouldering the burden of all sins, defending the world's balance as a gentle evil.
Translation by Warusou

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