The Nightmare that Haunts the Forests

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The Nightmare that Haunts the Forests.png

Event Duration:
16:30 UTC, March 13, 201801:30 JST, March 14, 2018
14:59 UTC, March 19, 201823:59 JST, March 19, 2018

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Area Bonus :

The Nightmare that Haunts the Forests is a raid event featuring Ogre, a Nightmare related to Alice. This is a high-difficulty event; the first story requires total power of 50,000. There are no continues, and Alice jobs deal increased skill damage in event stories. This event only appears for 30 minutes at a time at predetermined times.

BOSS: Ogre[edit | edit source]

Icon Weapon 0773.png ATK:♦♦♦♦♦






At any point, if there are 2 or more dead party members, Ogre will do an extremely high-powered single target smash, which is an one-hit almost guaranteed.

Phase 1: Ogre will start by clearing ALL BUFFS, it will do single target attacks only.

Phase 2: At any point during this phase, if any members has a stack of +4, he will reset all stacks again. At the start of this phase, Ogre will cast 10 stacks of Defense onto itself. He will also start to do a 3-spread attack.

Phase 3: His Attacks now has increased output. At the start of this phase, Ogre will cast 10 stacks of Attack onto itself.

Ogre has no Magical Defense, all Magic Weapons, even those resisted hits do major damage, to Ogre. DPS Grids that come into the raid, must be magic focused. Supports that assist the raid, must focus on heals. Only books that deal in debuffing Physical Attack should be used, but it is very hard to debuff it down due to how high it is. As a general rule, do not put any instruments in the main grid, it will trigger Ogre's reset condition easily, and will cause the raid to fail.

Reaching 4 stacks overall can be achieved easily after Ogre's initial reset, by using Guardian/Library Wisp and Solitude Rabbit/Mitra during Phase 1, as well as any additional self buff weapons will reach to 4 stacks exactly. It should also be noted that you should be wary of your own stack before using any self-buff weapons. Guardian(SS)/Library(L) puts all Defense stacks to 4, so any Defense self-buff weapons should used very carefully, especially target buff staves, it is easily overlooked. Yatagarasu L, and Hawk SS works well against Ogre, since those NM's ability is a fixed stack, and not stat dependent, so it is an auto -5.

Once Phase 2 starts, he puts 10 stacks of defense onto himself. From this point on, all physical weapons are will do little damage; water magic weapons will do more than physical fire weapons. It is recommended to summon Ugallu, Barbarian, Noin, or Diabolos in this phase and burst past this phase to keep any stacks that you may have to carry into the dangerous phase 3.

During Phase 3, it becomes a race to kill the ogre before it wipes everyone. If debuffs and stacks held up, as long as the healers keep in check, you can push for the win relatively smoothly. However, do note that once the party starts getting wiped out, it is very likely for the raid to fail, since it triggers his spread attack and his smash.

Raid Times[edit | edit source]

03/14 to 03/19
16:30 UTC, March 13, 201801:30 JST, March 14, 2018
16:59 UTC, March 13, 201801:59 JST, March 14, 2018
23:30 UTC, March 13, 201808:30 JST, March 14, 2018
23:59 UTC, March 13, 201808:59 JST, March 14, 2018
03:00 UTC, March 14, 201812:00 JST, March 14, 2018
03:29 UTC, March 14, 201812:29 JST, March 14, 2018
11:30 UTC, March 14, 201820:30 JST, March 14, 2018
11:59 UTC, March 14, 201820:59 JST, March 14, 2018
14:30 UTC, March 14, 201823:30 JST, March 14, 2018
14:59 UTC, March 14, 201823:59 JST, March 14, 2018

Event Nightmare[edit | edit source]

Ogre can drop from any event quest.

Paragraph 1 1%
Paragraph 2 2%
Paragraph 3 3%

Previously Run[edit | edit source]

This event ran during the below time periods:

  • 2017/09/15 to 2017/09/28
  • 2017/08/03 to 2017/08/16
  • 2018-01-05 to 2018-01-23