Frequently Asked Questions

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Errors and Technical Problems[edit | edit source]

See also Error Message Translations.

The game won't connect/is stuck loading at 100%![edit | edit source]

The servers are either lagging or down for maintenance.

Does this game work on an emulator?[edit | edit source]

Yes, at this time SINoALICE runs on most Android emulators. (Nox, Memu, Bluestacks to name a few)

I'm getting a "Failed to extract resources needed" error...[edit | edit source]

Your device has insufficient storage space or memory. Try force-closing some apps and/or freeing up storage space before trying again.

Gameplay and Gacha[edit | edit source]

I don't understand Japanese and can't navigate the menu![edit | edit source]

See Translations and Gacha.

Can I get new characters from the gacha?[edit | edit source]

Kind of; the majority of weapons you pull from the gacha are just weapons, but a small number will unlock a character job.

What weapon ranks can I pull from the gacha? What are the rates?[edit | edit source]

Gacha pulls are ranked A through SS with the following base rates: SS (3%), S (20%) and A (77%).

How do I reroll?[edit | edit source]

Rooted Android devices can delete the `shared_pref` folder inside of data/data/ to prevent having to redownload the game assets. Non-rooted Android devices can wipe the application data via settings. iOS users must delete the app and reinstall. More info: How to Reroll

How do I back up my account?[edit | edit source]

See Translations; click on the Menu button, then Data Transfer. Copy the ID, set a password, then store both in a secure location to restore your data at a later date. The transfer ID does not change and the password can be use indefinitely until you set a new password.

How do I restore my account after I have backed it up?[edit | edit source]

See Account Recovery.

What is this "sparking" thing I've heard about?[edit | edit source]

There is a system where you earn Desire Medals for pulling the gacha (one pull gives you 10 medals). You can exchange 750 medals for a gacha weapon of your choice. This is similar to the "cerulean spark" system from the mobile game Granblue Fantasy.

How do I join a guild?[edit | edit source]

You must clear through chapter 2-10 of the story before you can join a guild.

Can I change my player name?[edit | edit source]

You can change your player name from the profile page. It will cost you 10 Magic Stones to do so, and there will be a prompt to ensure your choice before spending.

Character Questions[edit | edit source]

What characters are currently in the game?[edit | edit source]

See Characters.

How do I unlock new characters?[edit | edit source]

Characters can be unlocked in their default classes by completing the first chapter of their story routes. Characters can also be awarded through community promotions or obtained during limited-time events.

How do I unlock more jobs for existing characters?[edit | edit source]

Some jobs can be unlocked by finishing cross-story chapters. Other jobs can be pulled from the Gacha or purchased during promotions.

How many jobs are there?[edit | edit source]

Currently, there are 8 jobs: Minstrel, Sorcerer, Caster, Cleric, Breaker, Crusher, Gunner, and Paladin.

My character can't equip a certain weapon![edit | edit source]

Jobs have weapon restrictions. Make sure your character's job is correct for the weapon they are trying to equip.