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Chapter 2, Part 10 of any character's Story Quest has to be cleared before you can create or join a Guild.

Applying to a guild[edit | edit source]

If you haven't joined one, you will see a list of recommendations with the button "show me another guild". Three buttons at the top: create own guild, search guilds, and sort by. When you see a list of guilds using the search tab, the white button tells you more info about the guild, the red one means to apply to the guild. You can also search for a guild by name.
A translation of the guild filters.

If it's a guild that doesn't automatically accept applicants, then you'll have to wait before being recruited. There doesn't seem to be a limit to how many that you can apply to. Sometimes, even automatic ones can have an error message that it didn't go through so you'd have to try again.

How to create a guild[edit | edit source]

Top of the screen, first button on the left. Input a name. After making your own guild, the button beside the guild name is "guild settings". This is where you edit your guild name, message, your guild's style, member ranks, etc. The one beside the member count is "list", which shows you all your members.

In settings, the first tab is updating guild name, the preferred arena time in JST, and the recruitment message.

Second tab is changing the joining requirements: automatically approving requests and if you're recruiting members (yes/no); what role you're looking for (need to check at least one); how high one's total damage must be to join; how often one must do arena (none/freely/once a day/twice a day); and what kind of guild is it (none/casual/story focus/arena focus/does everything); message for joining the guild with a limit of 50 characters.

Third tab is member rank: guild master and sub-master 0/2, etc.

Fourth tab is sort of like a guild message of the day but for when the arena is active.

What is displayed when you look at your guild for the first time[edit | edit source]

First text underneath, is when Colosseum will be available (also shown at the top right hand corner in main interface). Brown button is "how to play", which has some videos. Then, your guild style. It lists the stat requirement before you join (default is 5000+), how often you participate in Colosseum (up to you, once/twice a day, not at all), what role they're recruiting, and lastly the style (leisurely, story, Colosseum, everything, or nothing at all).

Then it lists your guild comment at the bottom. The first button on the left, I'd assume is some sort of battle log that you can edit. The other checks if anyone has applied to join your guild, you can also send invites to your friends.

Colosseum[edit | edit source]

Colosseum is a guild activity that occurs daily at the time selected by your guild leader.

You can tap either the red crossing swords, or the arena time next to your guild's name. Here you will see your guild's ranking; W-L rate; video guides on how to play; a list of what rewards you get for each ranking; one battle available based on the time slots chosen by the guild, and a medal exchange button at the bottom.

SP recovery is still in effect and your weapon skills stay the same, for the most part. Each weapon has a different passive effect meant only for arena (e.g. Alice's Staff - SP cost have a chance to be lowered for commands). Nightmare summons also have an increased timer before they appear in battle and their effect is different too.

How to leave a guild[edit | edit source]

If you choose to delete your guild to join a different one, simply tap "list" and tap the red button to remove it. This is also how you remove other members from your guild.