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Introduction[edit | edit source]

All characters have their respective default jobs, along with several other jobs that can be unlocked for each character. Each job has a certain set of weapons that it is capable of equipping, along with an option to equip sub-equipment (サブ装備) that does not have any cost, but only provides 10% of each piece of equipment's stats.

For more information on how Equipment works, refer to the Equipment Guide.

Unlocking Jobs[edit | edit source]

Character jobs can be unlocked via several methods:

  • Selecting a starting character will automatically unlock the default job for that character
  • The default jobs for the other characters can be unlocked by completing the first episode of their respective chapters (1-1)
  • Briar Rose's Sorcerer Job was available as an exclusive pre-registration reward.
  • Some weapons pulled from the Gacha will automatically unlock a specific job for a character.
    • These weapons and characters jobs can also be purchased separately by exchanging Medals at the Medal Exchange Station.
  • Some Jobs may only be available as part of a Magic Stone package, such as Red Riding Hood's Cleric Job.

The method(s) of acquisition for these jobs may change in the future.

Job Skills[edit | edit source]

Each job has levels from one to twenty that can be unlocked as Proficiency (熟練度) in each job increases. Each level has an associated skill. Levels beyond ten must be unlocked by limit-breaking the job with an Arcana once the job has reached its max level. Currently, Arcanas are only obtainable from quests, or by exchanging Medals.

Jobs do not automatically acquire Proficiency. Instead, all Proficiency is obtained by spending SP during battles. All Proficiency is held within a common pool, which can then be invested into any job. Proficiency can only be spent on a job if there is enough to advance the job to its next level.

There are two kinds of Job Skills (noted to the left of the Skill Level):

  • Common (共通) Skills: Once unlocked, these Skills offer bonuses to all characters, regardless of their jobs.
  • Job-Specific (ジョブ) Skills: Once unlocked, these Skills only offer bonuses to that job of that character.
    • There are also Job-Specific Skills that read as "Aliceエリアで...". These skills simply provide a bonus in battles that take place within that particular character's story (e.g. for the aforementioned text, the Skill provides a bonus for battles that take place in Alice's Story).
Job Level Proficiency Cost Total
Lv. 1 → Lv. 2 550 550
Lv. 2 → Lv. 3 1,100 1,650
Lv. 3 → Lv. 4 1,100 2,750
Lv. 4 → Lv. 5 1,650 4,400
Lv. 5 → Lv. 6 1,650 6,050
Lv. 6 → Lv. 7 2,750 8,800
Lv. 7 → Lv. 8 2,750 11,550
Lv. 8 → Lv. 9 5,500 17,050
Lv. 9 → Lv. 10 5,500 22,550
Lv. 10 → Lv. 11 11,000 33,550
Lv. 11 → Lv. 12 22,000 55,550

List of Jobs Currently Available[edit | edit source]

See Also: Category:Jobs

Breaker2B2B Breaker Icon.png-Blade.png
Crusher2B2B Crusher Icon.pngIcon Weapon 0927.pngHammer.png
Paladin9S9S Paladin Icon.pngIcon Weapon 0813.pngPolearm.png
BreakerA2A2 Breaker Icon.pngIcon Weapon 0811.pngBlade.png
SorcererAccordAccord Sorcerer Icon.png-Tome.png
AlternativeAliceAlice Alternative Icon.png-Blade.png
AnotherAliceAlice Another Icon.png-Blade.png
BreakerAliceAlice Breaker Icon.png-Blade.png
ClericAliceAlice Cleric Icon.pngIcon Weapon 0107.pngStaff.png
GunnerAliceAlice Gunner Icon.pngIcon Weapon 1574.pngRanged.png
Half-NightmareAliceAlice Half-Nightmare Icon.png-Polearm.png
KimonoAliceAlice Kimono Icon.pngIcon Weapon 1432.pngHammer.png
MinstrelAliceAlice Minstrel Icon.pngIcon Weapon 0993.pngInstrument.png
PaladinAliceAlice Paladin Icon.png-Polearm.png
SorcererAliceAlice Sorcerer Icon.pngIcon Weapon 0745.pngTome.png
PaladinBoy MikhailBoy Mikhail Paladin Icon.png-Polearm.png
BreakerBriar RoseBriar Rose Breaker Icon.pngIcon Weapon 1031.pngBlade.png
CrusherBriar RoseBriar Rose Crusher Icon.png-Hammer.png
GunnerBriar RoseBriar Rose Gunner Icon.png-Ranged.png
Half-NightmareBriar RoseBriar Rose Half-Nightmare Icon.png-Staff.png
PaladinBriar RoseBriar Rose Paladin Icon.pngIcon Weapon 0787.pngPolearm.png
SorcererBriar RoseBriar Rose Sorcerer Icon.png-Tome.png
BreakerCinderellaCinderella Breaker Icon.pngIcon Weapon 0041.pngBlade.png
CrusherCinderellaCinderella Crusher Icon.pngIcon Weapon 0799.pngHammer.png
GunnerCinderellaCinderella Gunner Icon.png-Ranged.png
KimonoCinderellaCinderella Kimono Icon.pngIcon Weapon 1436.pngTome.png
MinstrelCinderellaCinderella Minstrel Icon.pngIcon Weapon 1129.pngInstrument.png
PaladinCinderellaCinderella Paladin Icon.pngIcon Weapon 1488.pngPolearm.png
SorcererCinderellaCinderella Sorcerer Icon.png-Tome.png
AlternativeDorothyDorothy Alternative Icon.pngIcon Weapon 1452.pngHammer.png
GunnerDorothyDorothy Gunner Icon.pngIcon Weapon 0983.pngRanged.png
MinstrelDorothyDorothy Minstrel Icon.png-Instrument.png
SorcererDorothyDorothy Sorcerer Icon.png-Tome.png
ClericEmilEmil Cleric Icon.pngIcon Weapon 0817.pngStaff.png
AlternativeGretelGretel Alternative Icon.pngIcon Weapon 1582.pngPolearm.png
BreakerGretelGretel Breaker Icon.png-Blade.png
ClericGretelGretel Cleric Icon.pngIcon Weapon 1155.pngStaff.png
CrusherGretelGretel Crusher Icon.pngIcon Weapon 1049.pngHammer.png
GunnerGretelGretel Gunner Icon.pngIcon Weapon 0775.pngRanged.png
MinstrelGretelGretel Minstrel Icon.pngIcon Weapon 0103.pngInstrument.png
SorcererGretelGretel Sorcerer Icon.png-Tome.png
AlternativeKaguyaKaguya Alternative Icon.png-Staff.png
BreakerKaguyaKaguya Breaker Icon.png-Blade.png
ClericKaguyaKaguya Cleric Icon.pngIcon Weapon 0207.pngStaff.png
CrusherKaguyaKaguya Crusher Icon.pngIcon Weapon 1299.pngHammer.png
PaladinKaguyaKaguya Paladin Icon.png-Polearm.png
SorcererKaguyaKaguya Sorcerer Icon.png-Tome.png
AlternativeLittle MermaidLittle Mermaid Alternative Icon.pngIcon Weapon 1408.pngInstrument.png
BreakerLittle MermaidLittle Mermaid Breaker Icon.pngIcon Weapon 0585.pngBlade.png
ClericLittle MermaidLittle Mermaid Cleric Icon.pngIcon Weapon 1554.pngStaff.png
GunnerLittle MermaidLittle Mermaid Gunner Icon.png-Ranged.png
MinstrelLittle MermaidLittle Mermaid Minstrel Icon.pngIcon Weapon 0647.pngInstrument.png
PaladinLittle MermaidLittle Mermaid Paladin Icon.pngIcon Weapon 1055.pngPolearm.png
SorcererLittle MermaidLittle Mermaid Sorcerer Icon.pngIcon Weapon 1803.pngTome.png
BreakerNutcrackerNutcracker Breaker Icon.png-Blade.png
BreakerOneOne Breaker Icon.png-Blade.png
BreakerPinocchioPinocchio Breaker Icon.pngIcon Weapon 1726.pngBlade.png
CrusherPinocchioPinocchio Crusher Icon.png-Hammer.png
GunnerPinocchioPinocchio Gunner Icon.png-Ranged.png
MinstrelPinocchioPinocchio Minstrel Icon.pngIcon Weapon 0671.pngInstrument.png
PaladinPinocchioPinocchio Paladin Icon.png-Polearm.png
SorcererPinocchioPinocchio Sorcerer Icon.pngIcon Weapon 0205.pngTome.png
Tuna PaladinPinocchioPinocchio Tuna Paladin Icon.pngIcon Weapon 1376.pngPolearm.png
AlternativeRed Riding HoodRed Riding Hood Alternative Icon.pngIcon Weapon 1362.pngHammer.png
BreakerRed Riding HoodRed Riding Hood Breaker Icon.pngIcon Weapon 0679.pngBlade.png
ClericRed Riding HoodRed Riding Hood Cleric Icon.png-Staff.png
CrusherRed Riding HoodRed Riding Hood Crusher Icon.png-Hammer.png
KimonoRed Riding HoodRed Riding Hood Kimono Icon.pngIcon Weapon 1434.pngBlade.png
MinstrelRed Riding HoodRed Riding Hood Minstrel Icon.png-Instrument.png
PaladinRed Riding HoodRed Riding Hood Paladin Icon.pngIcon Weapon 1109.pngPolearm.png
SorcererRed Riding HoodRed Riding Hood Sorcerer Icon.png-Tome.png
BreakerSnow WhiteSnow White Breaker Icon.png-Blade.png
ClericSnow WhiteSnow White Cleric Icon.png-Staff.png
CrusherSnow WhiteSnow White Crusher Icon.pngIcon Weapon 0581.pngHammer.png
GunnerSnow WhiteSnow White Gunner Icon.pngIcon Weapon 1654.pngRanged.png
Half-NightmareSnow WhiteSnow White Half-Nightmare Icon.png-Ranged.png
MinstrelSnow WhiteSnow White Minstrel Icon.pngIcon Weapon 1301.pngInstrument.png
PaladinSnow WhiteSnow White Paladin Icon.pngIcon Weapon 1011.pngPolearm.png
SorcererSnow WhiteSnow White Sorcerer Icon.png-Tome.png
Tuna ClericSnow WhiteSnow White Tuna Cleric Icon.pngIcon Weapon 1374.pngStaff.png
BreakerZeroZero Breaker Icon.png-Blade.png
ClericZeroZero Cleric Icon.pngIcon Weapon 1628.pngStaff.png