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AliceIcon Alice.png
Briar RoseIcon Briar Rose.png
CinderellaIcon Cinderella.png
GretelIcon Gretel.png
KaguyaIcon Kaguya.png
Little MermaidIcon Little Mermaid.png
PinocchioIcon Pinocchio.png
Red Riding HoodIcon Red Riding Hood.png
Snow WhiteIcon Snow White.png
DorothyIcon Dorothy.png
2BIcon 2B.png
9SIcon 9S.png
A2Icon A2.png
EmilIcon Emil.png
NutcrackerIcon Nutcracker.png
ZeroIcon Zero.png
OneIcon One.png
AccordIcon Accord.png
Boy MikhailIcon Boy Mikhail.png
Current Events New Weapons & Jobs

Start Dash Campaign.jpg
Start Dash Campaign

Release Memorial Gacha.jpg
Release Memorial Gacha - Ends 2017/06/30 14:59 JST

Icon Weapon 0107.png Alice/Cleric

Icon Weapon 0207.png Kaguya/Cleric

Icon Weapon 0103.png Gretel/Minstrel

Icon Placeholder Temp.png Red Riding Hood/Cleric

Icon Weapon 0041.png Cinderella/Breaker

Icon Weapon 0205.png Pinocchio/Sorcerer

Icon Placeholder Temp.png Pinocchio/Paladin

Icon Weapon 0589.png Red Riding Hood/Sorcerer

Upcoming Events

Iron Hammer of Justice Gacha.png
Iron Hammer of Justice Gacha - Starts 2017/06/14

Special Campaign
Red Riding Hood Cleric Banner.png First Paid Event Banner.png
Promotional Material

PV 1: Character Introductions

PV 2: Battle System