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Weapons Armor Nightmares

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Fire.png Water.png Wind.png

Job Weapons


Current Gachas and Events New and Featured

Drakengard 3 Character Pickup Banner 05.png
Drakengard 3 Character Pickup- 05:59 UTC, April 17, 2018

Drakengard 3 Collaboration Banner.png
Drakengard 3 Collaboration- 05:59 UTC, April 17, 2018

Drop of Wisdom Gacha.png
Drop of Wisdom Gacha- 05:59 UTC, April 12, 2018

Gacha Rate-up
Gem of Samsara
Spinel of Distant Thunder
Queen's Compass

Harp of New Bonds
Harp of the Strange Bird
Dragon Harp of Silence

Spear of Garbage
Old Soldier's Cannon
Scythe of Surfeit

Nightmare Trio
Briar Rose Half-Nightmare Icon.png
Dark Staff of Slumber
Dryas, the Aberrant Tree
Red Riding Hood Minstrel Icon.png
Investigator Esse

Current Promotions
Red Riding Hood Cleric Banner.png Start Dash Campaign.jpg Start Dash Campaign 2.png
Upcoming Events
Promotional Material

PV 1: Character Introductions

PV 2: Battle System